Ch. 215 GLORY Kickboxing

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About GLORY Kickboxing

GLORY Kickboxing is the hardest-hitting fight sport in the world. There are no takedowns and no wrestling: the fights are all stand-up, all-striking, all the time. With the highest KO rate of any fight sport on television, each event guarantees fast-paced, non-stop explosive action from start to finish.

Among the styles used in GLORY are Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do. Punches, kicks and knees are thrown in crunching combinations as the fighters look to secure victory by way of a big knockout or fight-finishing blow.

GLORY rules allow fighters to clinch but only very briefly and only if the clinch is deemed ‘active’ by the referee, with one or both fighters throwing techniques and looking to do damage and score points. If the action stalls for an instant, the referee separates the two so that they can return to throwing bombs.

Statistically, GLORY has the highest finish-rate of any fight-sport out there. Nearly half of all GLORY fights end with a KO or TKO and some of the fighters have KO rates of more than 90%. When these guys get in the ring, they mean business.

There are six weight classes - Heavyweight, Light-Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight and Featherweight - and fights take place both as single matches and as part of tournaments. GLORY stages one four-man tournament as part of each event, requiring a fighter to beat two opponents back to back in order to be crowned victorious.

GLORY events take place around the world and shows have taken place in some of the world’s most prominent cities, London, Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul, Tokyo and Rome among them. Look out for GLORY coming to an arena near you in the future and in the meantime, catch all of the action right here on Pluto TV. Fight fans - prepare for GLORY.